Home Buyer's Inspection

Home Buyer's Inspection

Buyer’s inspections are the most common type of inspection. The persons purchasing the property hire an inspector to help identify major defects and other problems so they can make an informed decision about the property‘s condition.

Home Seller's Inspection

Home Seller's Inspection

A homeowner who is selling their house hires an inspector to identify problems with their house. The seller may share the report with any potential buyers or make any necessary repairs so the house is known to be in good condition, encouraging a quick sale.

Commercial Inspection

Commercial Property Inspection

We inspect many types of commercial properties to help protect your business investment.  We will inspect the property on multiple levels to ensure that the property is up to standard and safeguard you from possible areas of concern.

Environmental Inspection

Environmental Testing

Mold, Radon, Lead, and Asbestos testing available upon request.

11-Month Inspection

11th-Month Inspection

An 11th-month inspection is an inspection of a home less than one-year-old, before the builder’s warranty ends, to discover any defects requiring warranty service.

Multi-Family Inspection

Multi-Family Home Inspection

The same as a home buyer’s inspection. Also includes light commercial inspection, warehouses, small retail buildings, and small industrial buildings.

Limited Scope Inspection

Limited Scope Inspection

Not for real estate transactions and you must currently own the property. You pick the system; roof, siding, windows, furnace, air conditioning, deck, etc. We’ll provide you with a written report, including pictures of its current condition and any recommendations we may have.

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